Your tires are an area of your car that can quickly look dirty and grimy because you are driving across the roads of Davie, FL that can contain pollutants and other chemicals. Here at Rick Case Genesis Davie, we want you to enjoy the best-looking tires in Davie, FL, which means using the right tools for the job to keep your tires shiny and new looking. After using a soap and water solution you need to use specific tools to make certain of the best appearance for your car.

Alongside developing a clean set of tires, you will also have the chance to protect your tires from the damage that can be done when you do not use the right equipment. Cleaning your tires should be done one wheel at a time to avoid any cleaner or wax drying unevenly and causing corrosion. By making sure you use a terry towel to dry your tires and apply a sealant you will be looking good at all times.

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