You carry a spare tire so you are prepared for a flat. Do you also carry a kit so you are prepared for other roadside emergencies? Make jumper cables or a portable battery charger part of your emergency roadside kit.

When an emergency occurs at night you will need a source of light to see and be seen. Carry a weatherproof flashlight. Also keep at least two reflective triangles or four flares in your vehicle. In an emergency put them out to let other drivers know they are approaching a vehicle in distress.

Carry a basic first aid kit. Aside from the obvious items like gauze and bandaids include OTC pain meds, antihistamines, cold packs, and scissors. Have basic tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and a knife with you at all times. For the roadside emergencies, you can't fix yourself and other vehicle repairs and service turn to Rick Case Genesis Davie in Davie, FL.

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