Today at Rick Case Genesis Davie, we want to prepare you to change your own tire. Whether you drive mostly around Davie or on distant roadways, this is useful info because you never know when you might get a flat, and you might not have time to wait for roadside assistance.

Begin with your car on firm, level pavement and away from traffic. Engage your hazard lights and your emergency brake, and chock the tires on the opposite end of your car from the flat.

Now, employ the grounds leverage to help you loosen your troubled tires lug nuts. Locate the frame notch closest to the tire you need to change. Place your jack beneath the notch, and crank it until you gain enough clearance to change your tire. Remove the nuts, swap tires and replace the nuts. Tighten them in a diagonal sequence. Next, lower the jack, and further tighten the nuts with the grounds assistance. Enjoy your remaining drive!


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