Gaskets are elastic materials that cover two or more merging surfaces. They stop leakage from entering the connected objects during compression. They made from materials like metal, paper, fiberglass, rubber. The materials used are based on the surfaces in which the gasket will be inserted.  
There are three types of Gaskets

• Metallic
• Non-Metallic
• Composite

The non-metallic gaskets are considered to be soft and are made from materials like asbestos, Teflon, rubber, and graphite. Soft gaskets are used in low compression machines. Hard gaskets are used in high compression machines with large pressure pipes.
Some gaskets are readily available, and these are stock gaskets. Most preferred gaskets are custom ones. Custom gaskets are for specific machines, thus, serving a specified purpose. Custom Gaskets are measured and cut to ensure that they fit, decreasing the possibility of slippage and moderating wear and tear.

Heavy machines use gaskets, and these are in industries such as food processing, manufacturing, mining, and petrochemical industries. 


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