Child car seat safety is always a top concern for Davie, FL drivers with little ones to shuttle around. After all, even a top-rated car seat cannot provide optimum levels of protection if it cannot be easily and properly installed. LATCH evaluations are intended to determine just how reliable and intuitive car seat mounting systems happen to be. At Rick Case Genesis Davie, we're eager to share helpful information on LATCH ratings to inform your next auto purchase.

LATCH is an acronym for the lower anchors and tethers for children that automakers have installed. As such, LATCH evaluations assess the in-car components that exist specifically for accommodating car seat installation. A high LATCH rating means that the anchors are accessible, able to be used simultaneously with nearby seat belts, reliable, and easy-to-use. It's important to note, however, that a high latch rating is not necessarily an indication of overall vehicle safety. Instead, a high rating means that getting child safety seats installed and uninstalled correctly will not be a tremendous challenge.

Multiple factors are considered during a LATCH evaluation. For instance, the accessibility of anchors and tethers for car seat installation is measured according to their depth in seat bights and other factors. The necessary mobility of surrounding seats is also assessed. The more accessible and intuitive that these components are; the more likely that parents are to use them.

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